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  • Lyfevalue

    Platform for value & data-driven agreements for manufacturers, healthcare payers and care providers.

  • Lyfeapp

    Next-generation patient management system created for healthcare professionals, nurses and care teams

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The world is experiencing an exciting paradigm shift in healthcare – with innovative therapies promising cures and longer lives for patients. In some cases, these cures are happening with just one treatment.

Healthcare systems are often not equipped to make these innovative therapies available to patients in a timely manner while paying the right price.

Lyfegen helps patients to access cutting edge, high-cost therapies with our groundbreaking value-based contracting platform. Our solutions provide manufacturers, healthcare payers, and healthcare providers the tools needed to execute value-based and data-driven agreements.

Our Solutions

Lyfevalue Bringing manufacturers and healthcare payers together in outcome-based contracting as no platform has ever before

Our groundbreaking Lyfevalue platform connects pharma and medical device companies with healthcare payers allowing end-to-end value & outcome-based contracting for innovative therapies. Lyfevalue is the first of its kind and used by some of the largest and most innovative manufacturers and healthcare payers in the world.

LyfeappGiving healthcare professionals an innovative patient management solution to collect and analyze patient data securely

Lyfeapp is a next-generation solution used by healthcare professionals, nurses, and care teams. With Lyfeapp’s intuitive design, healthcare teams can now access and utilize patient data like never before. Users are able to analyze patient data while securely sharing essential data-points for their value and data-driven agreements, creating a seamless symbiosis with Lyfevalue.

Who we are

We believe every patient has the right to access innovative therapies.

Lyfegen is an energetic healthcare technology company that has developed a groundbreaking software platform to improve the life of every patient. We do this by increasing access to the best healthcare treatments available through value-based healthcare.

Our team combines years of extensive healthcare experience with youthful and dynamic energy to continuously strive for innovation.

Meet the team

Want to learn how Lyfegen can enable value-based contracting?

Book a free demo with one of our Lyfegen experts to see how our value and data-driven platform can support you today.

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Download our case study to see how Lyfegen is helping cancer patients access innovative drugs with a value-based contract

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Nico Mros named Lyfegen’s Chief Customer Experience Officer (CXO)

Lyfegen is excited to announce that co-founder Nico Mros is taking on a new role as Chief Customer Experience Officer (CXO). Until recently, Nico held the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Lyfegen. Nico gives first-hand insights on what this shift means for him and Lyfegen.  The choice to transition into this new and […]

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