Smart and meaningful connections in healthcare

At Lyfegen, we envision a future where quality healthcare is available to everyone.
That’s why we are on a mission to develop smart, seamless and transparent solutions that take healthcare pricing and contracting to the next level.

Using state-of-the-art technologies, Lyfegen connects all key stakeholders of the healthcare system as part of a digital ecosystem that fosters innovation, exchange and better health outcomes.

What distinguishes our solutions?


The setup allows implementation and extension according to your needs: on a local or global level, for one of your products or for the entire product range


Blockchain technology for ultimate trust in value-based healthcare agreements, healthcare data and reimbursement


Agnostic clinical data model with the ability to connect to various data sources including medical records, health apps, medical devices and enterprise solutions

How does it work?


The first of its kind smart contracting solution on the blockchain to execute flexible healthcare agreements in near-real time based on integrated patient outcomes.

Lyfevalue offers the capability to securely and efficiently integrate treatment outcomes and use anonymized patient real-time data to evaluate the criteria captured in the healthcare agreements.

Highest data integrity and security

Full transparency for stakeholders

Real-time global oversight of reimbursement and patient outcomes


Automation of value-based agreement criteria assessment

More products will be introduced soon

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We believe that the way healthcare is delivered and paid for needs to evolve to improve the life of patients.
Our vision is to create technology with purpose to save lives.

Our Mission

Enabled by cutting-edge technology and adding value at every touch point, our mission is to establish smart and meaningful connections in healthcare.

Meet the Leadership Team

Girisha Fernando CEO

Digital Healthcare Entrepreneur with 9 years of experience in the healthcare industry; value-based healthcare, Clinical development and IT at Roche & Syngenta

Leon Rebolledo CTO

Over 25 years in IT consulting. A seasoned experienced technologist and solution designer for the healthcare industry, including managing global solutions and transforming business needs into software solutions. Holder of UN blockchain mandate

Michel Mohler CFO

Over 12 years of banking and finance experience advising life science corporations regarding commercial and corporate finance transactions at UBS

Nico Mros COO

5 years of experience in the healthcare industry working in strategic project management, global systems roll-out and multi-stakeholder management for Roche

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