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Want to get more out of your patient data? Lyfeapp is your personalized patient management solution bringing you more advanced access and analysis of patient outcomes than ever before.

Lyfeapp is intuitive and cost-effective. It is also scalable across disease areas, making it your personalized data analysis solution. You and your team are now able to easily track patient symptoms and outcomes along the full patient care pathway. You’re also able to share patient data within your organization efficiently and securely.

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With Lyfeapp, you are now able to track and evaluate patient outcomes in ways you’d only hoped to. With medical records becoming more cumbersome and difficult to operate – it’s time for a patient data entry tool that helps you evaluate treatment values on an individualized level

Lyfeapp enables healthcare providers the access they need to ensure patients have access to innovative treatments and gives you the ability to monitor patient value over the course of treatment and the life of the patient.

Care Providers Organizations providing treatment-related services directly to patients

The time has come for healthcare providers to rethink how they can make the most innovative drugs available to their patients.

Having access to quality data and outcomes analysis is more important than ever. More importantly, accessing this data should be straight forward and provide an actual benefit to care providers. Lyfeapp allows you to access data in a useful way to help support your daily activities and decision making.

Lyfeapp gives you the ability to maximize the value of patient data – every day – while constantly adapting to your personalized needs. Our Lyfeapp data entry tool is designed to equip your organization to achieve better patient outcomes, share patient records and data, as well as manage your workday all in one place.

With Lyfeapp – you’re able to gather useful data leading to the timely ability to provide personalized treatment options for your patients designed just for them.


Achieve better patient outcomes


Manage your workday & patients with relevant data


Easily access patient records for decision support


Share patient data easily and securely inside your organization

Healthcare Payers National, private, and public institutions insuring patients

Paying for therapies regardless of individual patient outcomes is a thing of the past. Focusing on specific patient value versus overall value allows for personalized access and reimbursement but was previously nearly impossible to evaluate.

Lyfeapp is a source for specific patient outcomes data used in Lyfevalue’s value-based contracts.

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Manufacturers Pharma and medical technology companies

With limited data access and lack of security to share patient data – coming to value-based pricing agreements creates a laborious hurdle for pharma and medical technology companies.

Lyfeapp is a source for specific patient outcomes data used in Lyfevalue’s value-based contracts.

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01Manage patient care pathway

02Track symptoms and outcomes

03Manage your day with your schedule overview at a glance

04Have instant access to relevant patient data

05Share patient information within your organization

06Manage the patient consent

Ready to see Lyfegen in action?

Download our case study to see how Lyfegen is helping cancer patients access innovative drugs with a value-based contract.

Compliance & data-privacy

We embrace compliance and data privacy as indispensable
pillars to our success

We view compliance and security as an unwavering healthcare asset. As a neutral third party between manufacturer, healthcare payers, and care providers, we recognize our responsibility to patients and our customers, who trust us with their most sensitive data. Our goal is to foster transparency and trust amongst all stakeholders involved, every step of the way.

With privacy and data protection embedded in our identity, our technology was created with privacy-by-design principles. This allows us to act flexibly as GDPR processors, joint-controllers, and controllers in agreement with our customers. We have an acute awareness of our obligations to customers and have the respective processes and documentation in place.

With state-of-the-art cybersecurity mechanisms in place, our Lyfegen technologies undergo regular penetration testing which we share with our customers for security assessments and transparency. Fostering integrity, we adhere to the ISO 27001 information security standard.

Lyfegen is ISO 9001 certified and regularly controlled by accredited bodies, complementing our ambition for continuous improvement of all processes.

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