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Lyfegen selected to join Groupe Mutuel’s acceleration program InnoPeaks!

  • Author – Michel Mohler
  • 2min read

Last week Lyfegen announced exciting news! Out of hundreds of start-ups, Lyfegen is among the top 10 selected to join one of Europe’s most innovative acceleration programs: InnoPeaks by Groupe Mutuel.  

The news is taken with much excitement by Lyfegen’s co-founder, Michel Mohler, who briefly explains why being selected for this three month program by one of Switzerland’s leading health insurance companies is a great achievement for Lyfegen.

Hi Michel, can you give us a little more insights on the InnoPeaks program?

InnoPeaks is a business-focused acceleration program that focuses on challenging, enabling, growing, and scaling a business through workshops, mentorship, networking, and implementing proof of concepts. Groupe Mutuel, one of Switzerland’s leading health insurances, organizes this program. Their specific goal is to drive innovation in the two topics which support their core business: healthtech and insuretech.

Lyfegen is amongst only 10 startups that have been selected out of hundreds. What is Groupe Mutuel’s interest in having you on board?

Lyfegen, being one of Switzerland’s most innovative start-ups, is solving a crucial challenge healthcare – improving health outcomes for patients. We do this with our ground-breaking technology, working together with health insurances to give patients faster access to the medicine they need. Considering high-cost, personalized and potentially curative drugs, the prices of drugs need to become dynamic and depend on how well they work for patients. This also known as value-based contracting. Until recently, we have seen mostly Pharma Companies advocating for such pricing models. Engaging with a leading health insurance with our platform, we will achieve to bring such models to life in Switzerland, for Swiss patients.

What does Lyfegen want to achieve by being part of this program?

Switzerland’s Federal Council (“Bundesrat”) addresses value-based contracting as one of the key solutions to achieve a more sustainable Swiss healthcare system. Our goal is to speak and learn from other startups, talk to decision makers at Groupe Mutuel, exchange thoughts and inspire Groupe Mutuel. As a result, we want to understand the perspective of health insurances and engage in a proof of concept.

We look forward to evolving with InnoPeaks, Groupe Mutuel and the other Start-ups. The team will be live-covering the InnoPeaks accelerator program in October, so stay tuned for more!


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