2021 brings great news as Lyfegen’s team continues to grow: Antti joins as Product Owner!

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“I am responsible for building the right products, and for building the products right.” Says Antti Hietala. Welcome to the Lyfegen Team!  

As we embark on a new year, the great news start rolling in: Lyfegen welcomes its newest star, Antti Hietala, who takes on the key role of Product Owner.

As Antti arrives for his first day, Lyfegen’s CEO Girisha Fernando gives us his thoughts:
“Antti’s excellent skills to think ahead and pull together industry, customer and technical perspectives to building a solid and ever-evolving product roadmap fills me with excitement, and will strengthen Lyfegen’s value for our customers even further. We are delighted to welcome Antti, a proud family man with values aligned with Lyfegen’s values.”

We sat down with the ski-loving Product Owner to get a little more insight to who he is and what he will be doing at Lyfegen.

Hi Antti, tell us a little about yourself: where are you from and what is your professional background?

I come from the Arctic Circle. I grew up under the northern lights in a small town in northern Finland. I studied linguistics and computer science. My passion for content and technology led me to a career in technical writing. I wrote documentation for newspaper advertising systems and for financial asset management software.
Prior to joining Lyfegen I was the lead Product Manager at Magnolia where I built a content management solution. I’m a certified Scrum Product Owner and have worked with Product Managers and user experience designers in the past.

Why did you decide to join Lyfegen?

Lyfegen is my first venture into healthcare technology and it has an important mission: helping patients access innovative therapies by driving value-based healthcare. Removing obstacles that keep patients from getting the treatment or drugs they need is a high-level motivator. I’m also optimistic in our ability to make a big difference in the user experience of health technology and software.
I wanted to apply my product owner skills to an industry that is completely different from where I have worked before. Some say that it’s good to step out of your comfort zone and learn something completely new. The healthcare field is an exciting new challenge for me. I am thankful to the Lyfegen team for their confidence and trust that solid product management skills are universal and that I will apply them for a meaningful purpose.

You are joining Lyfegen as a Product Owner! In simple terms: what will you be working on?

I’m excited about joining Lyfegen! The team is packed with motivated and genuinely passionate people. We are on a path to build the most innovative contracting platform in the healthcare industry.
As Product Owner (PO) I am responsible for building the right products, and for building the products right. Concretely, this means talking to customers to understand their needs. I will define the product together with the Lyfegen team, translate the customer needs into features in our platform, together with our tech team.
My role has a strong outward-facing component. It’s critical for me to be in close contact with customers in order validate decisions quickly and build the right thing. My goal is to make our software valuable for our customers.

What are your next personal goals with Lyfegen?

Learning more about the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is my first personal goal. There are so many new terms and abbreviations coming my way every day. It’s like the field has a language of its own.
On the product side, I’m very focused on optimizing the product-market fit. This means, finding the key features that really fulfill user needs and then amplifying those features in the product. I want to see users become fans! That’s a sign of a great product-market fit to me.

Enough about work! What passions do you have outside of Lyfegen?

I love to ski in the winter. I’m lucky to live in beautiful Switzerland where the Alps provide ample opportunity to hit the slopes. In the summer I do fly fishing in the Black Forest region of southern Germany or in Alsace, France. I’m also an avid pizza chef, forever improving my home-pizza game with the ultimate goal of authentic Neapolitan pie.

We are proud to welcome Antti to the Lyfegen team!





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