Lyfegen Welcomes Productivity Superstar Isabelle as Executive Assistant!

  • Author – Lyfegen Editorial Team
  • 2min read

As the leadership team seeks to foster productivity, Isabelle Becker brings her extensive knowledge to Lyfegen. 

Lyfegen is proud to welcome Isabelle Becker to the team. Having worked in different industries as an Executive Assistant and with years of experience in corporate firms, Isabelle brings her expertise to Lyfegen to ensure administrative tasks run smoothly.

We sat with Isabelle to learn more about her experience and discuss her goals working at Lyfegen.

Hi Isabelle, can you tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from, your educational background and your professional background?

I grew up in Switzerland and graduated from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL). I also moved on to obtain an EMBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from a CREA, a leading Higher Education business school under the INSEEC Group. Since my graduation, I have worked as a freelancer in Corporate Sustainable Development and Executive Assistant for various companies within various industries.

As you mentioned, you’ve had years of experience working in various industries. Can you tell us what motivated you to join Lyfegen?

I highly value a dynamic work environment where people respect each other and work proactively, which is the case at Lyfegen.

Moreover, I am happy to be able to combine my experience in back office with my strong interest in entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The biggest factor in my decision to join Lyfegen was the productive and supportive team as well as the purpose of the company. Lyfegen is focused on saving lives and I am proud to be a part of that mission. I also appreciate that the leadership team values the qualities of each team member and allows us to grow professionally as well as individually.

You are joining Lyfegen as an Executive Assistant. How will your know-how help Lyfegen grow?

My responsibility falls on creating a seamless work environment to our leadership team so that they can fully focus on bringing forward the business and saving lives. I believe that my sense of hospitality, the diverse languages I speak, and my desire make a positive impact are elements that can be used to provide the best customer experience.

What is something you want to learn or improve this year?

I am super excited about my role! This year, I plan to focus on better understanding the market and also use my experience, skills and values to support the team in the company’s growth.

We’ve talked so much about work; let’s get personal! Tell us a bit about the passions you pursue outside of work.

My dog, Jack, is the best decision I have ever made. We walk about two hours a day. He also helps me meet local people, enabling me to practice my German. When I am not out, I study, meditate and spend time with my family and friends.

Is there anything you look forward to apart from work and passion?

Absolutely! After completing my CAS in Sustainable Finance, I want to refresh my German and start learning Swiss German.


We are proud to welcome Isabelle as an Executive Assistant in Lyfegen!



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