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Lyfevalue is a novel patent-pending platform connecting pharma and medical device companies with healthcare payers. Our platform is a catalyst in creating end-to-end value-driven contracting for high-cost therapies.

Lyfevalue uses real-world data insights and analytics to execute simple to complex pay-for-performance healthcare agreements efficiently and securely. Lyfevalue is a secure platform for stakeholders, allowing them to define and agree on therapy outcomes, pricing, and conditions. With its continuous outcome tracking capabilities, Lyfevalue allows you to track patient outcomes as well as facilitate payments.

By leveraging data from our Lyfeapp data source, Lyfevalue is able to generate unprecedented insights to safely evaluate and share patient outcomes amongst manufacturers, payers, and healthcare providers. Lyfevalue can also be used by connecting to electronic health records, claims data, registries and many more data sources.

With its scalable application and execution – Lyfevalue is not only easy to use, it is also GDPR and HIPAA compliant creating a secure data-sharing platform

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With a growing focus on patient and clinical value in healthcare, manufacturers and payers often struggle with creating timely payment agreements. This shift in focus towards value-based pricing agreements creates a need for a new way for stakeholders to create payment contracts – Lyfevalue is here to help.

With Lyfevalue’s innovative value-based healthcare contracting platform, manufacturers, payers, and healthcare providers are now able to make value and outcome-based agreements for high-cost therapies a reality.

Manufacturers Pharma and medical technology companies

With limited data access and lack of security to share patient data – coming to value-based pricing agreements creates a laborious hurdle for pharma and medical technology companies. With Lyfevalue, manufacturers are able to seamlessly and securely track patient outcomes. These outcomes focus on the value provided to each individual patient. This makes pricing based on evolving patient value and outcomes an attainable reality.

With the ability to track personalized outcomes, transparency of patient outcomes data is capable in a secure and compliant platform previously unheard of. With Lyfevalue, manufacturers have the tools to pioneer value & data-driven contracts collaborating with healthcare payers in a trusted, transparent, and efficient way.


Improve patient outcomes & treatment adherence


Accelerate, broaden & sustain access


Prove the value of therapies in the real world


Scale outcome-based contracts across payers globally

Healthcare Payers National, private, and public institutions insuring patients

Paying for therapies regardless of individual patient outcomes is a thing of the past. Focusing on specific patient value versus overall value allows for personalized access and reimbursement but was previously nearly impossible to evaluate. Determining the value-added for each individual patient and being able to measure this value with agreed-upon metrics is now possible with Lyfevalue.

With Lyfevalue – healthcare payers can be confident they are creating value-based pricing agreements together with healthcare manufacturers. You are now able to track value and outcomes for each patient to determine efficacy and drive true pay-for-performance reimbursement. WIth Lyfevalue, you’re about to eliminate the need to pay for vast amounts of therapies that aren’t working for patients.


Improve patient outcomes & treatment adherence


Scale outcome-based contracts across manufacturers


Measure the value of therapies in the real world


Provide access to patients whilst addressing financial risks

Care Providers The time has come for healthcare providers to rethink how they can make the most innovative drugs available to their patients.

Lyfevalue allows you as the provider to offer the best therapies available to patients. Using patient data captured in Lyfegen’s Patient Management solution Lyfeapp, Lyfevalue analyzes patient outcomes and gives you unprecedented patient insights. 

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01Choose partners from your network or from ours

02Select one of our patient outcome models or customize your own

03Define patient eligibility criteria from our validated portfolio

04Personalize pricing for outcomes and timelines

05Align with your contracting partners

06Track and review patient outcomes

07Receive payment and balance information

08Collect real-world treatment performance data

09Analyze how your products perform across partners

Ready to see Lyfegen in action?

Download our case study to see how Lyfegen is helping cancer patients access innovative drugs with a value-based contract.

Compliance & data-privacy

We embrace compliance and data privacy as indispensable pillars to our success

We view compliance and security as an unwavering healthcare asset. As a neutral third party between manufacturer, healthcare payers, and care providers, we recognize our responsibility to patients and our customers, who trust us with their most sensitive data. Our goal is to foster transparency and trust amongst all stakeholders involved, every step of the way.

With privacy and data protection embedded in our identity, our technology was created with privacy-by-design principles. This allows us to act flexibly as GDPR processors, joint-controllers, and controllers in agreement with our customers. We have an acute awareness of our obligations to customers and have the respective processes and documentation in place.

With state-of-the-art cybersecurity mechanisms in place, our Lyfegen technologies undergo regular penetration testing which we share with our customers for security assessments and transparency. Fostering integrity, we adhere to the ISO 27001 information security standard.

Lyfegen is ISO 9001 certified and regularly controlled by accredited bodies, complementing our ambition for continuous improvement of all processes.

Want to learn how Lyfegen can enable value-based contracting?

Book a free demo with one of our Lyfegen experts to see how our value and data-driven platform can support you today.

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