Healthcare payers are demanding more value for every dollar they spend to enable their patients to access medical innovations to address budget impact, waste & efficiency. The move to value-based healthcare contracting is inevitable, with governments starting to mandate value-based healthcare contracts. The risk of delayed or even denied access & reimbursement is increasing for Pharma companies that cannot provide healthcare payers with access solutions. 

We at Lyfegen are uniquely positioned to create new opportunities to accelerate & broaden access & reimbursement for Pharma companies by giving you the opportunity to demonstrate the value of your products in the real world. Differentiate yourself from the competition & provide practical access & reimbursement solutions to your payer customers today.

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Read our case study to see how Lyfegen is helping cancer patients access innovative drugs with a value-based contract.

Leveraging our extensive expertise & our 120+ value-based contract library, we pave the way from value-based model creation to value-based contract implementation. Our unique Lyfegen platform allows you to scale value-based contracts across your portfolio & payer customers at ease, to achieve accelerated, broadened & sustainable reimbursement.

Simulate & test risk-sharing models before entering them in the real world to reduce your financial uncertainties & address budget, safety & efficacy concerns of your contracting partners.

Automate the execution of value-based agreements, from data collection to agreement adjudication, financial settlement, efficient process handling & advanced real-world performance insights. This allows you to scale innovative agreements across your portfolio, contracting partners & geographies to accelerate & broaden patient access & reimbursement.

Lyfegen’s advanced data analytics provide you with unprecedented patient-level treatment performance & outcome insights. We create drug performance, therapy & impact transparency, and generate useable insights for your financial forecasting & fact-based negotiations. Leveraging Lyfegen's analytics, you can gain superior knowledge of treatment efficacy under real world conditions & support your treatment value with relevant real-world data.

value-based contracts on the Lyfegen Platform
>$ 0.5B
sales revenue running though the Lyfegen Platform
Increased revenues through accelerated access
Price level retention value for indication extensions

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We help you to increase your value for money by reducing risk of covering medical innovations, addressing their efficacy and safety uncertainty and avoid wasted spend.

With the experience in designing, implementing, and tracking over 120 value-based contracts, Lyfegen’s knowledge is undisputable. Covering multiple disease areas, from public to private healthcare payers, and using our AI data analytics software, we break down the complexity of value-based contracts for you to implement the right type of agreements to

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Safe and certified

With privacy and data protection embedded in our identity, our technology was created with privacy-by-design principles. We are GDPR and HIPAA compliant and ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) and ISO 9001 (Quality management) certified. We take great care to ensure that our platform is 100% secure for our customers.



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