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The tech team is growing at full-speed! Welcome to the Lyfegen team, tech-genius Dima!

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He loves innovative tech and spending his free time reading Hi-tech books! Yes, we are proud to announce Lyfegen’s latest addition to the Kiev team: “Full-Stack Developer”, Dima Guzyk! 

“Dima is extremely talented and with his passion to develop new and exciting technology that helps patients, Lyfegen’s products will reach new levels. We are very proud to have him in the team! ” says Lyfegen’s CEO, Girisha Fernando.

We sat down with him to give you a little more insight behind the book-loving “Full-Stack Developer”:

Hi Dima! Tell us a little about yourself: where are you from and what is your work experience background?

Hello! I’ve lived in Kiev almost all my life. This is such a beautiful city. For any lifestyle or interest, the city offers amazing opportunities to live out your dreams!

Regarding my work experience: After I graduated from university, I started working at Intellect Service, the biggest electronic document flow solutions developer in Ukraine. Gradually, my professional and communication skills developed and I became Team Lead of the company’s product. It was a great experience and led me to stay with them for 5 years!

My latest experience was at KPMG as a Software Engineer, where I participated in the development of various corporate information systems. Only after a short year, I had the fantastic opportunity to grow and take over the role of Senior Software Engineer.

This is your first experience in the Health Tech industry – what triggered this move?

This is my first experience in the Health Tech industry and I’m so happy! Working at Lyfegen gives even a tech development job a greater purpose: my work will indirectly support greater access for patients to innovative therapies – helping to save lives!

You are joining Lyfegen as a Full-Stack Developer. In simple terms: what will you be working on?

I participate in all the stages of software development, following the business requirements. In addition, I also analyze the domain in detail, propose architectural solutions to the problems we discover, write code, write unit tests, and help with creation of a reliable, scalable and secure application environment! In simple terms, I will bring the technical solutions of Lyfegen to life!

What are your next personal goals with Lyfegen?

My goal is to constantly discover new approaches and technologies, being able to make comparisons between them and implement the best to the work I do.

What motivated you to join?

When I discovered what Lyfegen was doing, giving patients worldwide access to innovative therapies, I knew I had to be a part of the team! Innovative therapies are necessary for humankind – it’s just that no one has been able to make these more accessible to a wider range of patients. This greater purpose and the impact that this technology has, was the key driver!

Enough about work! What passions do you have outside of Lyfegen?

I am an incredibly curious person! I have a wide range of passions that interest me but most of all I enjoy reading historical and Hi-tech books and magazines.

We are proud to have the Lyfegen team continue to grow with such fantastic team-members!


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